Monday, March 9, 2009

we love peace art festival,

Peace has lost it ways in the human world and it needs to be restored for the human to live again. We’re using ART to convey the message of peace and lend helping hands to those in needs. Art lovers and art makers will come together and join on this charity fundraising event to raise awareness on peace through art.


Dude and dudettes, booth for the event WeLovePeace! is now open for registeration!

Just RM50! There will be cup cakes, tee sales, buttons, food stall, painting and accessories. And some other independant clothing line will be supporting the event.

For indie music lover, there’s will be gig for you guys. Line ups like Kiri, The Radios, Bite Me Butterfly, Tico-tico Bird In The Cornmeal and mooooore!

Come and join us! So invite all your friends to come. It's gonna be awesome!

Do your part, act now!

For more details,

Ayieq 017 203 2664